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While Trace tried to phone the police station, Melissa still sat on the rock nearby, looking up into the nightly sky. The moon began to glow brightly somehow. Suddenly, howls and whimpers could be heard from afar. It was strange. But then again, the Werewolves were at war.

The medallion she wore also became bright with a white glow. Melissa glanced down at the lunar-shaped medallion. Then she stood up. "Trace? Trace, look at this. The medallion... it's glowing!" the young woman whispered.

All of a sudden, her eyes began to glow white as well. The vision of her surroundings were outlined white, but she was the only person who could see such a thing. Then, there was a white trail, leading to something. Sadly, she was the only one to see something strange like this. Melissa gasped. "Trace. Follow me." And with that, she began to follow the white trail.
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