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Just then Nick was enraged all of the sudden he grew more vicious, and more stronger his claws extended his teeth grew several inches more, and no more waiting he was going to the police right then and slaughter every person in the police station. he didn't care about fear, vanity, rage, or any self loathing thing people worry about but there was one thing that his brain kept on telling him and that was REVENGE. He would be lucky if he survived the encounter
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nick jumped from building from building while being as stealthy as he could he was very close to the police station but very far away from it he saw a police car and decided catch a ride or take it.he landed on the car car and ripped of roof and grabbing the man on the left with his teath and threw him as far as could while the other opened the door and rolled out of the car. Nick dashed out on all fours

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