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Originally Posted by Kj°len View Post
Being forever a eunuch is nothing to boast about.
As opposed to being a temporary eunuch?

Originally Posted by Brighteyes View Post
Hey so i was bored aswell with man flu and
Thought of this: Wireless power, wouldn't it be a great idea to have power you could transfer without the aid of wires or pipelines etc. Yeah we got batteries but i'm thinking one step further. This aint patented if you clever clogs wanna attempt it.
Might interest you:

Originally Posted by Brighteyes View Post
Can you imagine if facebook was jacked or destroyed........armageddon.
I doubt that would ever happen, I'm pretty sure it's hosted on several different servers. And even if it was hacked in to, it's not like there's any personal info stored on there that isn't already available easily. Then again, viruses could possibly be (and have been if I remember correctly, which I rarely do) transferred through facebook apps. If it was destroyed forever though, people would just moan about it on myspace.

Originally Posted by Joshi View Post
That's all well an good, but I'm not in a grave... I don't know who you've got, but I left as soon as I realised there was no wifi service down there.
Try another grave then. These days a large portion of the deceased community have wifi installed in their graves, and hardly any are cautious enough to password protect their networks. Caution is not something dead people tend to experience. Because they're dead. Rendering them unable to experience anything or do anything, revealing my previous testimony to wifi'd graves as fallacious. Perhaps it was a strategy I employed in order to lure you into this pretend grave I set up so that I can make you dance for my own entertainment. Or perhaps this is just a double bluff. Perhaps there is an abundance of wifi networks underground. The question is, Mr. Joshi, are you willing to make the gamble?

/does something characteristic of villains, like stroking a cat or something
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