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((Well, we were headed to the new cavern. But no worries! I can arrange that. Oh, and it's only me and Trace. Kalvin went to look for Bloodhound aka Silverhound.))

Melissa walked down the path of the white light trail. Where was it leading to? And how could all of this happen? "The medallion..." she thought to herself. As she continued to walk, hoping Trace followed as well, she noticed the trail was now leading upward. Melissa's glowing eyes glanced up.
She then climbed on the rocks, following where the trail led. It was dangerous, but she had to try and get up to the top. Finally, within about five minutes, she made it to the top. She only hoped that Kalvin was all right by himself. Thy young woman was getting worried.

Suddenly, Melissa heard a voice. It sounded kinda scary. "Well, this is unexpecting. Looks like I came all the way here for nothing..."

When all her surroundings became normal, as well as her eye sights, Melissa turned, and saw a man wearing all black. She gulped. "Wh-who are you?"
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