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Nick ran on all four legs so hard they made foot prints in the road.
before he knew it he was near the police station he stopped and scouted the area for more police but none were found so he kept on going.
He saw the police station, Nick ran as fast then jumped as high as he could and made a huge thump on top of the roof and howled as loud as he could so ever body could hear him.

Nick then got to a door and smashed it open knocking several people unconscious. "i do love my strength". until then he was like a ninja always in the shadows silently killing everybody at the top floor soon he will be able to sneak to the next level down. Then he finally realized what had happened to him and all werewolves the blood pact was broken he howled in rage werewolves weren't suppose to fight each other.

He knew now he had to choose a side so he got out of the police station and tried to see the leader he heard about."I will go back to the cave were he found the humans and see if they were dead yet or knew were the leader was.

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