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By daybreak the settlers were well established, turning some empty caverns into a home worthy of royalty. Fine silk was hung upon the walls and huge carpets strung across the floor. With the pact broken the Werewolves found a new artistic calling, immediately betraying the traditional empty cave feeling. Huge pictures were adorned upon the silk walls, portraying amazing attention to detail with no failings.

With the end of the bloodpact many Werewolves fled the Shadowlands to join Silverhound's clan, escaping the inevitable death that awaited them. The Werewolves now stood upright, clad in fine vestments or flowing robes. The raw meat that once was the Werewolves diet was discarded in favour of a much more balanced pallet. Such changes seemed to come naturally to the Werewolves, almost as if it was their everyday lives. Not one spoke out against the changes, nor did anyone oppose it. Silverhound however was nowhere to be found . . .

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