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"I'm with the Harker Organisation: I've been assigned to rescue you. We've had numerous reports about a Lycan infestation in this forest, but we chose to ignore it until now. Right now, they have already brutally murdered a police officer outside this forest."

Melissa gasped, and placed her hand over her mouth. It was terrible. One victim was killed by the Werewolves! Where was Kalvin? Where could he have been? "But... but we've gotta find Kalvin and get away from this horrible place! We just gotta!" Suddenly, she heard a great howl from the distance. She couldn't tell whether it was Bloodhound's or another Werewolf.

"Its all ready begun. The bloodpact has been broken, and another war has begun."

The young woman glanced down at the medallion. Then she looked at Trace and the man. "Broken? Another war? Man, this is not good! We totally have to get out of here!" Melissa said, beginning to panic.
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