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Nick was running through the forest when the sun finally came up his great green coat gone, his fangs shrinking, his claws turning in to fingernail he made a big grunt. cause of the pain. he was able to suppress it with the years gone by, but it still hurt like hell.but he was always use to pain, pain from the other werewolves, from police, from the hunters, and that day when that human girl helped him Nick smirked. "if i ever see her again i must thank her and repay her for her kindness, but thats the only human i will ever thank".

Nick laughed he will never see her again once the war was over humanity was next he just hopped he would not have to put her down."Got to keep moving I'm vulnerable in the daylight". He got his shotgun and his sword ready while moving on foot hopefully people would think that he was a hiker or a veteran of a war trying to protect himself than think he's a big bad wolf.he soon was at the cave were a girl and and a man dressed in black were talking. he knew the man was dangerous, but he had to find the leader so he got closer every step he took taking his shotgun and strapping it behind his back.

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