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The young woman was relieved that things were settled. But as he said, at night, he'd probably be worse. Then she answered his question. "Well... I'm not really sure. Let's see..." Melissa thought about it.

"They're probably at their new cavern. I was pretty sure this was it, but I think there's another cavern that's around here somewhere." She went outside the cave to look around. The warmth of the sun made her feel all better. Good thing it wasn't night anymore.

Melissa turned to the others. "If we find the other cave, we can get Kalvin, and all our problems are solved!" The young woman smiled.

"By the looks of things, you saved your self. If I had more time, I would have come to rescue you and your friends from the clutches of Bloodhound. But we have more matters to face: where did you get that medalion?"

Melissa glanced down. "Oh, this? Um... Bloodhound gave it to me. Why do you ask? Is something wrong with it?"
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