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"Oh, this? Um... Bloodhound gave it to me. Why do you ask? Is something wrong with it?"

"Not necasarily. I have heard of such an artifact that pefectly fits the description of what I am seeing now."

He stepped out into the sun. He smiled as the warm light spread all over him. "Ah..." A normal Vampire would have been turned to ash just by standing in the UV radiation. But Baldur was different: he was a human/vampire hybrid.

He turned back at Mellisa. "The entire werewolf clan have been summoned to another cave. As we speak, they are already preparing for another war against humanity. Bloodhound, now designated Silverhound is already developing his infantry. That Medallion glows because it leads to his new hideout: a sanctuary for his breeding army."

"He is a fool if he ever gave you such a thing: such a weakness has been exposed. If I assume correctly: if you had followed the path to his hideout blindly, there is no doubt he would have converted you to join his campaign."
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