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"The entire werewolf clan have been summoned to another cave. As we speak, they are already preparing for another war against humanity. Bloodhound, now designated Silverhound is already developing his infantry. That Medallion glows because it leads to his new hideout: a sanctuary for his breeding army."

This was definetly terrible. War against humanity? But... what did the Humans ever do to the Werewolves? And a whole army going out to kill everyone she might even care for? She couldn't let that happen.

"He is a fool if he ever gave you such a thing: such a weakness has been exposed. If I assume correctly: if you had followed the path to his hideout blindly, there is no doubt he would have converted you to join his campaign."

Melissa looked up at Baldur with scared eyes. "Converted me to join his campaign? But... but I don't want to! I don't wanna be a Werewolf! I've... I've gotta do something!" She looked back at Trace. Then she thought about Kalvin. "Kalvin, Trace, and I have to do something! We can't let those monsters kill humanity! That's my people they're trying to exterminate! Please! We have to do something!"

Tears began to fall from her eyes, as she begged Baldur and Nick to help her.
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