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Beta reader request thread

I've noticed a couple of beta reader request threads in the last few days. Having a beta reader go through your works is a fantastic way to make your stories and other media better, and I highly encourage using one. A good beta reader can catch problems that are hard for you to see because you're 'in the middle' of your writing rather than viewing it as an outside, impartial observer. Rather than fill up the first page with a lot of requests, however, I think it'd be easier to have all requests consolidated in one spot in a sticky. People can either respond here or by PM. Please don't put reviews of stories here--this is for requests and responses to requests only.

Everyone requesting a beta reader, and everyone who agrees to provide a critique of someone's work, should read The Padawan's Guide to Providing Good Critiques. Please give constructive critiques if you're a beta reader. Please don't flame your beta reader--he or she is just trying to help you be better.

When you make your request, include the name of your story and a link. That makes it easier for a beta reader to find it.

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