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If you run the setup file I made (JKUP Setup.exe) it automatically patches your jk.exe. If you run pacher.bat after that the game will not start. It’s like trying to do the same thing twice.

1.Reinstall the game.
2.Run this:
3.Download JK Enhanced, JK Retexture Pack and install them manually (don't use the setup file. its out of date)
4.Try running the game.
5.Start a new game. The Retexture pack will mess up your textures if you saved BEFORE installing the mod.

If it does not work try:

2.Manually install the latest unofficial patch and run patcher.bat
3.Download and manually install JKE, JKR

When you reinstall remove all the files from you JK folder. (Just leave the saves right?:P)
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