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I figured I might as well post it in here, as most of the Douglas Adams-fans will look here sooner or later. The cover of the next Hitchhikers-book has just been released:

Written, as most of you will know, not by Douglas Adams (which is, of course, impossible) but by Colfer, a best-selling novelist (his books are mostly aimed at children). Of course, the announcement brought angered fans all over the world, for obvious reasons, but I wonder how people here think about the book. It's not that I don't think Colfer is able to make some Adams-like jokes (I never read a Colfer-book btw), it's just the fact that this is marketed as the 'missing end' to the series, that Douglas never got to write. I think I would have less of a problem with it if it would be a book 'based on the characters by Douglas Adams'. This looks like they gave J.K. Rowling the choice if Frodo gets to destroy the ring or not. It's just wrong on so many levels. I wouldn't have a problem with more movies or a new tv-series where they add new stuff, but books just seem more...private, somehow. Really, really nasty feeling about all this. And nice of them to make Colfer's name cover half of the cover, but don't seem so worried to point out who created the series in the first place. I wonder what they are selling here, Douglas Adams' 'new' book or the next funny book by Mr. Colfer...

Oh, and I must be one of the only guys in the universe who liked how the series ends now. Very definitive, and brilliant last words.
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