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Name: Araeana Draijion (pronounced: Air-ay-on-ah Dray-gee-on)
Age: 21
Race: Twi-Lek
Alignment: Light
Occupation: Smuggler
Gender: Female
Skin colour: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Modified blaster pistol, short vibro-blade
Attire: Utilitarian clothing.
Force Powers: None have manifested yet.
Personality: Naiive. Resents the Jedi, but still walks the path of the light side.

Bio: Araeana was sold to Huttese slavers at the age of seven. She faced a life of servitude to the most grotesque slum lords of the galaxy. But, when she was ten, a small group of Jedi raided the slavers' compound and rescued her. The Jedi, having discovered Araeana's high midichlorian count, took her to Coruscant to study the force. However, in the five years she spent at the academy, she exhibited no sign of force abilities. She was dismissed. Feeling like a failure, she hopped a cruiser to Tatooine where she was employed by Fabba the hutt as a smuggler. She looks for adventure at every turn, hoping to win the approval and acceptance of the Jedi council.

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