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((hmmm... alright. How about I just leave him to die, and after Baldur leaves, Velmer escapes? ))

Baldur smiled and glanced at the three mercenaries guarding Velmer beside the Tank. He cackled. "Honestly, your cowardice is begining to bore me. I tire of these games..."

The mercenaries fired their weapons at Baldur, and he willingly took everyshot. As soon as their clips were empty, Baldur collasped onto the soil. His limbs had taken heavy firing. In a short period, the bullets popped out, and his wounds healed. Baldur leaped back up.

"Hee hee ha ha ha ha! Its gonna take alot more then bullets to stop me!!" He raised his Gunsword. "MY TURN!"

He fired rapidly at the three mercenaries, a Silver Nitrate infused bullet piercing through their armor and into the flesh. He leaped towards one of the mercenaries and slashed his blade across to decapitate the mans head. Baldur licked the blood that spattered across his face, and looked at Velmer.

"Your move, Captain!"
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