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Kalvin tried to prevent Melissa from struggling out of his grasp but it was no use. As he tried to reach for her to stop her he missed but by only a few inches. As the explosion went off he saw her get thrown back, and heard her scream in pain. Quickly he ran to her side and knelt down beside her.

"When are you going to stop acting so stupid?" he said to her tears forming around her eyes "Save the few to save the many right? Well you can't save anyone if you die to."

Kalvin sat there his fists clenched tightly on his lap. It felt like his fists were so tight that his nails were digging into his skin drawing his blood. How could he have let her get hurt? Why wasn't he fast enough to stop her? he thought to himself. Maybe his father was right, maybe he was always suppose to be weak and useless. The memories of his father ran like a steal blade threw his mind. Slowly destroying the things that defined Kalvin as a individual.


Trace ran over after seeing Melissa get thrown back by the exploding grenade. He sat beside her next to Kalvin shaking his head. He wasn't going to say anything to her. Trace was certain Kalvin said what needed to be said, or at leased he hoped. Trace looked over his shoulder to see if he could see the vampire fighting the hunter. But no luck they were out of his visions range. But something was definitely running, and running fast in the same direction the vampire went.

"hmm..." Trace said to himself "that can't be a good sign."

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