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Chikara looked at her, sensed she couldn't harm him more than insults, so he spoke. "Kira..." he spoke less monotonous, but still mechanical, "... was weak. You were weak... I had to punish you both for interfering. My master was displeased with my inability to kill you, so he felled my arm. In order for me to be able to serve him to my fullest extent, I paid my gambling credits on this replacement. My master welcomed me back hesitantly. As I watched him over the years, I found his weaknesses, and exploited them. My master is a sullen heap, buried in the wastes of Nar Shadaa. It's amazing what the Exchange will pay for a dead Jedi." He could see the look of horror on Araeana's face, and grinned. "I have been out collecting what I can to keep ahead of those who seek my power. Bribing, and killing those who get in my way. I would have done so to you, but I feel a hate within you." He sat silent for a while, letting all this sink in to her.
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