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Araeana had listened in silence to Chikara's taunting speech. She could handle him calling her weak, incompetent, but his last remark had crossed a line. "Listen! I don't know who the hell you think you are, walking onto MY ship, ordering me around, insulting me... But just because you've turned your back on the Jedi doesn't mean that I ever, EVER will! I could never EVER feel HATE!" Araeana exploded at him. Then her features dissolved suddenly behind a mask of calm, her hands unclenched from their tight balled fists, and she breathed lightly, afraid she was making his point for him. She saw the corners of his mouth twitch. Angrily, she flipped her lekku back behind her again, turned on her heel, and stomped out of the cargo hold. She strode down the long twisting corridor into the cockpit, and plunked herself down into her chair.
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