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Baldur's heart missed a beat. He looked carefully at Velmer in the eye, the shocking revelation stunned him for a moment.

"What???" Baldur carefully examined Velmer's face. There was something definatly familiar about that face. The memory suddenly flashed back in his mind.

Baldur was nothing but a toddler when his grandfather and an squad of his royal guard butchered his parents, leaving the child to die until he was discovered by the Harker Organisation. That was over a century ago, and yet Baldur came to the obviousness that Velmer was among his grandfather when he killed his parents.

Baldur looked up at the sky, where the leaves formed rays of sunlight. He looked down at Velmer, where sunshine beamed all over his body. No... He's in direct sunlight! He should have been turned to ash by now! Baldur thought.

"No... The Illumine name is a bloodmember of a royalty of vampires. My grandfather and his followers butchered my parents and left me an orphan over a century ago! You cant possibly say that you too are a Vampire... unless you are like me: an abomination!"

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