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Velmer smiled, his eye-teeth very prevalent now.

"Allow me to explain...your father was extremely proud of you, and the way you turned out, it makes sense. But the truth is, Baldur, you were not an abomination at all. It was simply a label given to you so that your Grandfather could convince the people that you were meant to be destroyed. Your Mother and Father weren't meant to be killed, but they realized something important. You were no abomination, you were a threat to your Grandfather's near-infinite power."

Velmer stood taller now, his wound, quickly healed. There were suddenly physical similarities to Baldur, showing very much that Velmer was somehow related.

"Your Grandfather tried to kill you, not because you were an abomination, but because you were much too similar. Much too similar to your Grandfather...or should I say, much too similar to me."

Velmer let the last bit sink in for a moment.

"I hope you understand."

you very much
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