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"Your Grandfather tried to kill you, not because you were an abomination, but because you were much too similar. Much too similar to your Grandfather...or should I say, much too similar to me."

In time Baldur recognised the face: the face of a murderer. His own grandfather. Baldur wished it to be otherwise, but deep down he came to the obviousness of the truth.

He took a clip out from his Gunsword and confirmed they are his usual rounds of Silver Nitrate infused bullets. Is it possible he grew an immunity to silver? I have heard rumors that Vampires can modify themselves, but I never knew it to be true... even to this extent!

"Yes... Grandfather. I do understand!" he smacked the clip back into his Gunsword. "You were afraid that I would surpass you in everyway: to overthrow you and take your place as a powerful leader!"

"You took everything away from me! Even my own life, as you plunged a wooden stake into my chest when I was a toddler."

Baldur gripped both hands on the hilt of his Gunsword. "You were afraid... a coward as you are to be! The fact that your blood runs through my veins disgusts me!"
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