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Bloodhound emerged from a nearby patch of foliage, still intact after the rain of fire. "Well Baldur, I'm sure I can be of assistance . . . in this matter to say the least." Bloodhound had reverted now to his previous form, the moonpact over. He snarled as he encircled the small group. "But one thing poke's at me like a sharpened blade. Why do you hound me, day and night? Why do you hound my kin?" He opened his maw to reveal row upon row and teeth carved like silver dagger's, each spluttered with blood. He contorted his mouth into a grin of savage delight, his large red orb's fixing upon his companion's in the darkened wood.

A cloud in the sky shifted slightly, allowing the light to fall upon the group of Human's and Vampire, leaving Bloodhound in the darkness, his glowing orb's the only sign he remained. A howl rippled through the air and a thousand more joined it as it ripped through the sky, shattering all thought's of sanity, of peace. Within second's the wood's were flooded with Werewolves, all intent upon ravaging the convoy passing through their land's. The force numbered near infinite and no amount of technology could withstand such strength. "Now we have had enough. Now we shall have revenge . . ." A huge pack of Wolves sprung past the group, their eye's transformed into orb's akin to Bloodhound's. At the head of the pack was an Alpha-Male, his fang's gleaming in the temporary light.

The earth shook as the Horde surged forward, their eye's agleam with crimson fire and their tongue's already searching for blood. Such a charge would destroy the City with ease, bringing down skyscraper's under an endless tide of Wolf-men. Bloodhound howled . . . the sky burned crimson.

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