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Melissa's eyes filled with tears. She couldn't let these monsters destroy the Wisconsin City, and other cities to come. Her parents were still in the City, and she couldn't just let them kill her people in cold-blood.

The young woman stepped in front of her friends, and yelled so loudly so Bloodhound could hear.

"You think you can just destroy what God created for this planet?! Before evil... before monsters... before Vampires and Werewolves... Humans and nature lived on this Earth. Everything was what it is today! Why destroy all Life that is innocent?! You don't know what you're doing, Bloodhound! All Life is imporant!!!"

After this, Melissa angrily turned to Baldur, with angered tears in her eyes. "I will not let Bloodhound or anyone else destroy humanity to let the world be ruled by filthy monsters. Baldur... get your men ready. We need weapons, protection, and anything else to defeat the Werewolves. We're gonna save humanity."

Melissa looked down at the Lunar medallion she wore around her neck. "Along with this too..."
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