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Nick shot up awake in the fog not able to see anything in front of him. He walked out of the fog, as soon as he did he saw what happened. To the sky, but before he could do anything else. He knew he was changing into the things people fear, and run from he would not allow this. "but you do not have control, I do". As nick heard this, he looked left to right wondering who said that and. With that his transformation was over, and a very powerful urge came with his transformation, an urge that he never felt before, but had to be satisfied he jumped from trees to a tree. When he got to the city, and saw a group of teenagers he suddenly blanked out, but before he did he heard the screams of the dead teenagers.

Several hours later he woke up in a puddle of blood not able to remember anything.

Bow down to the Lord of Destruction May the force serves you well.

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