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Well, not requirements exactly but yes, as I continued doing more research that is kind of where I ended up with.

I decided I wanted a 45 nm processor and it seems like the Phenom II's are the only AMD processor that meets that. Of course I could always go with Core 2 Quad but I did want to try an AMD processor in this setup. I think I could be happy with an AMD Phenom II x3 720. I've read a few accounts of people saying they've been able to unlock the 4th processor on these but I'm good with this CPU even if I can't unlock the 4th core.

I'm curious what your thoughts as to the onboard graphics solution would you go with for an HTPC setup right now. My initial thought is that NVIDIA 9300/9400 is one of the best onboard solutions out there for this and a significant step up from the 8200. Maybe I've missed seeing a better solution in the onboard graphics arena.

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