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((Sorry 'bout that guys. Thought the scene would look good. Sorry.))

"Melissa can't we talk about this first. I mean after all if you go by 'Religion' we are all gods creatures and deserve the same amount of respect."

The young woman stood there, speechless. Trace was right. "You're right. I mean... we all deserve respect. The question is... how? With so much chaos going on..."

"filthy monsters huh? So you think humanity is better?" he laughed a little again "You haven't seen what humanity can do to its own kind like I have."

Melissa hung her head low, ashamed. She sighed with sadness, as the anger inside calmed. "I'm sorry, guys. I... I don't know what came over me. I just want everyone to be in peace with each other. Not have war. I'm so sorry..." She could see that the sky was crimson red, which meant that the war probably begun.

She felt terrible. Suddenly, the medallion she wore shattered. She looked down at the shards that fell on the ground. Melissa turned to Baldur, Kalvin, Harding, and Trace. "You guys are right. We have to figure a way to end this. But how?" The young woman rubbed her neck, thinking.
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