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I'm reading Watchmen. Well, to be more specific, I was a week ago, but I haven't read anything since. I've lost my love of reading, I guess. Or I'm too busy. I really want to read Jack Ketchum's The Lost, which is just sitting there, tempting me. Oh but schoolwork is a cruel mistress that keeps me from my true love.

Originally Posted by s-island View Post
In the 1945 movie, Wargrave does reveal himself and Eva only pretended to shoot Lombard. Wargrave commits suicide before finding out, expecting Eva to either hang herself or get hanged when they find her alone with 9 corpses. There's then a happy ending.
I saw this film yesterday (And Then There Were None for you curious people). It's so incredibly bad. Also,
Lombard is a psychopath. "Oh, they're in there!" And that ending - running into the sunset? Come on.

Book was way, way better, and not just by book-film standards.

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