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Nick got up from the puddle of blood that he was in jumping and running everywhere felling like, he was drunkest person in the world."whatever ever happened to me was something bad if I don't member anything at all and how will I explain this to Melissa". Therefore, nick walked on and on with the sky to the normal he knew that whatever told him that he couldn't control the beast inside was only right when there was red in the sky. However, now he has total control nothing would stop him as he thought this a deep anger boiled deep within him. "I will go into hiding for now and wait until I can have my revenge on Velmer, Melissa and humanity and nobody will stop me as long as I live starting with Velmer than I will go after humanity". " yes they must all die, kill the girl first bathe in her blood "."what NO I will not do that to her, she cares about me even though I don't want her to and get out of my head". Nick ran and ran trying to escape the voice, but it kept on following him like a leach to a blooded animal.

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