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The lunar rise rased nick's powers ten fold making him a deadly adversary nothing would stop his will. Nick ran on the forest floor watching how animals squirmed under the watchful eyes of a beast of the night. He saw deer and rabbit hopping away in a hurry. " better go to look and see what happening". However, what he saw scared him and made him angry Melissa was in the woods at night with just Baldur and the other person for security."why is she doing this to me didn't I tell her to be careful and don't stay in the forest at night". He jumped down making an earth shattering pound. Nick roared. "Why haven't you left already women. WHAT DID I TELL YOU, TELL ME?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Iain Rangel walked near the collage hearing of an animal mutilation, but as soon as he sees it. Iain curses "perfect looks like my brother had a little feast how many times do I have to save his butt. As he thought this, he heard a roar from inside the forest "I swear to go Nick if you kill another person you will be sore for a year.

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