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"I know how to fight, I'm not weak you know." he lowered his hand sat back up and looked directly at Baldur "and besides if there is something out there threatening the safety of my friends. I'll be damned if I run away like some coward and let it get them them."

"In my long years, I have seen things you only see in your nightmares. I have done things you dont even want to know about! You would be better off not following my own footsteps... trust me!" Baldur turned to Mellisa as she spoke to him.

"What... what about you? Will you be okay?"

"Don't you worry about me; you take good care of yourself!" He looked up at the night sky. "My mission here is complete, but it seems I still have more work to do!"

Baldur turned to Harding. "Officer! Protect these three youths at all costs: the werewolves will be attacking the city shortly. I advise you to take good cautions!"
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