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Kalvin let loose a little smirk. This is the first time he's met who ever this is. And the person claims to be responsible for keeping him alive. He looked over at Trace and Melissa they must have met his thing before.

"Some one mind telling me whats up with Mr. I have a truck loud of Anger Issues." Kalvin said pointing to Nick "Oh and maybe we should walk and talk." Kalvin finished noticing Harding and Nick still walking in the distance.

Kalvin started to walk to keep up, he wasn't in the mood to waste was energy he really didn't have. He started to wonder if he could claim this situation as a real head ache. Nick did seem to have anger problems but he also seemed to have some sort of attachment to Melissa in some way. What kind of attachment Kalvin wasn't sure of, but it made him uneasy thinking about it.

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