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High above on a rooftop, Baldur sat on the edge of the roof: looking down at the city below. Day and Night, humans would go about their usual daily routines. Cars followed the streets like small fireflies crawling on the soil. He thought back at what Nick said.

you just made me stronger with your blood...

Baldur smirked. "I have never seen a Lycan as arrogant as that in my eternal lifetime! Blinded by barbarism..." He looked up at the black sky. "My blood can only heal monsters. Not grant strength. He is no different then he is before..."

He looked back down at the streets. "At least my blood is making him behave. He's developed a conciousness; something a werewolf has expressed before. Worth admiring, but he has much too learn... Meantime, I better keep my eye out for anything suspicious down below!"

He continued his lookout over the illuminated city. "Velmer... Illumine... My Grandfather..."
He hung his head down in shame.
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