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Nick jumped up in the air soaring through until he reached the ground "let's go on Melissa, we have to go now, or else he will return, and I don't wish to fight him right now I .... I need sleep to make sure the changes to body and powers hasn't changed me that much". As nick walked, he thought of his childhood and his rebirth if you could see into his eyes you would see fire,shooting and natural disasters but out of all the horror in nick's eyes. There were only two faces that he despised the most, and they were his brothers Iain the Vampire the one who made him to be a blood thirsty beast and the other made him hate humanity how much he hated them and to his knew list was Velmer and Baldur Velmer for hurting Melissa and Baldur for trying to heal control and giving power to Nick.

Bow down to the Lord of Destruction May the force serves you well.

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