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Post Hey, Redwing!

Originally Posted by Redwing View Post
Hey, Luka! What a great old familiar face to see!

Nope, no communications nor science; I'm more on the writing / art / psychology / analysis and now the business side of things.

TK-421 had his forum name changed to his real name - Jared - and has his own thread here. He's doing pretty well.

(By the way, I accidentally clicked the 'Edit' button instead of 'Quote' on your post - don't worry, I didn't change anything. XD)

How are you doing? What are you up to these days?
Hey, Redwing! Same here, man, it is really great to see you... alive... and writing! As you might hear already I am working for an international orgnisation as Programmes Manager, but the plans are to come over there to do some research. So hopefully I will be on your side of the planet soon... But I should marry first

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