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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
The khopesh looks very nice, however, have you ever considered on giving it a slightly weathered look, such as a thin and scattered layer of patina?

It may not look too intimidating, yet it will seem authentic!
In short, yes, but I think that's a bit beyond my abilities. Either that, or its just a fact that whatever you do it'll come out in game as a fudgy mess.

I am thinking about giving it a few nicks and scratches, though.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric
Did you change the shader type to metal and the ambient/diffuse to white before exporting the model?
I hadn't - thanks for the tip!

Now - more updates.

I've not been doing nothing these past few...

*squints at post-dates*

...months, but I have been moving rather slowly, and getting that khopesh blade to look more like I want it to took time, and I've been speeding up the writing of this project. I'd rather like to release before 2010, however unlikely a goal that is.

RL has also been slightly hectic, and eaten into time I might otherwise have spent on the mod (or maybe not ). I'm hoping for something of a slow-down soon, though, so there may (or may not) be further updates soon. I'm not leaving the thread for a year again, though, hopefully.

Now that the khopesh blade is skinned, I obviously have to move onto the handle. While I have considered creating a decorative handle, I think that would suit any more 'unique' designs based on this model I may make in the future. I was toying with making a version of Naga Sadow's Poison Blade for a separate release, possibly with a few other weapons to supplement WotOR.

And so without further wittering on my part, here is the picture of the only visual progress recently:

I know, you can't see a difference. Sue me.
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