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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Two examples of a robe set I've been playing with a little. Very much a WIP so expect updates when they come.

Seriously, though, nothing final on those two. I'm thinking probably to replace the Star Forge robe model. At present, I can't think of an appropriate female body model to use for a female set, so this may be MRevan-only.
The robes look good, and would make a really good alternative to the standard Star Forge robe model. I've wanted to do a mod exactly like that for a while, but haven't started because of other mods taking priority. I think that the Bastila standard clothes model would make a good female version. It has the high collar and shoulder pauldrons, but the skins would take a bit more effort to convert.

I like the second screenshot better (the one with the khopesh blades), because you've removed some of the white metal and put in more tan cloth. It looks more flexible that way, and a little more like something a Jedi would wear.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Finally, this head. Again. Very much updated from last time, but still far from final. Again, feedback, please.
Looking much better. The veins definitely look like they are under the skin.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Now that the khopesh blade is skinned, I obviously have to move onto the handle. While I have considered creating a decorative handle, I think that would suit any more 'unique' designs based on this model I may make in the future. I was toying with making a version of Naga Sadow's Poison Blade for a separate release, possibly with a few other weapons to supplement WotOR.

I know, you can't see a difference. Sue me.
Actually, there is a marked improvement, especially because the shine helps it stand out from the black backgrounds. The mottled pattern gives it kind of a hand-beaten look, like a hammer was used to pound it into shape.

The model is great, it really reminds me of the second Mummy movie (the opening scene of the Scorpion King vs all the Anubis clones), so I think you've got the Egyptian feel of that type of blade for sure.

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