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Thread FAQ

What Profession(s) does the Academy accept?
We accept all Republic Classes

What Faction will the Academy be?
Galactic Republic! We are the defenders of peace, the ones they call in the times of need, and the best faction that fits in to our guild set up

What Age do I have to be to join?
There is no age limit as we believe maturity is not definded by age but how you act, we want you to be mature, but able to have fun.

What timezone will Force Academy operate in?
There will be no specific timezone, we have members from all over the world but will be playing on a US based server, a decision on exact server will be made when they are released Stay Tuned!

What type of player are you after?
We are looking for pro active players, we are not here to baby sit or hand hold. We want people who want to Role Play and be part of a great experience, people who will try things, and people who fit in with our family. We cater to all styles byt are a Role Play Gaming Community.

Is there any level restriction?
None at this time, however likely to be introduced depending on guild management systems and how the game works

Why even set up a guild now?
The Academy has been established long before the announcement of this game, and we will look to continue long after The Old Republic has become just another memory.
Right now we feel it is a great time to get to know many of our new members and really work on building a great community once again for TOR!

Why should i even look into Force Academy?
We have the experience, we have the great community.
We are an established guild with many tried and tested ideas, and systems which we look forward to bringing to TOR, we will also be taking part in the Community, Role Play, Player Vs Player and Raiding. We will be out flying the flag high in all forms of the game,

How will these systems work?
With being unable to get our hands on the game yet we have the basic outline set for TOR and look forward to moulding it for a correct fit that brings both RP and game based interactions. We feel we can not have a fully final system in place at this moment due to access but we have finished our plan and know what and how we will be doing them.

How do I apply?
We have an Applications section on our Forums, please read exactly what we ask, in complete applications will be void, and maybe asked to re do again. Our feeling on the process is this, we have told us all about us, now we want to know about you, and why you think you would be a good addition

Please Note
This guild may not be for you if your into e-dramaz, We are not after people who want to cause problems you will soon find yourself removed, you will not be forced to play a certian style or act as a personal raid team.
We are looking for people who want to have fun, make fun, and have a great gaming experience, We beleive that good people make games like this awesome, the community will make or break just about any game you play reguardless of how good it may be.


The Old Republic

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