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  • Star Wars: Galaxies
    Server- Chilastra
    Leader- Vosraeba
    Status- Active
    Style- Light Role Play Gaming Community
    Recruitment - OPEN

    Our Operations on SWG are still ongoing, as one of the few active guilds and the last Role Play based guild on the server we have prided ourselves on keeping active even as the days get longer and quieter. Recent achievements have seen us constantly topping the newly introduced Galactic Civil War Guild Leader Boards. On introduction we were ranked first, and have managed to top it and have yet to drop out of the top ranked guilds in the process. Master Vosraeba has taken over the running of the Academy, a more the capable Leader who will do a fantastic job. With the state of the game we feel we must do what we can to stay active and still offer the support systems to the guild and will continue to do so until the end.

  • Lord of the Rings Online
    Server -Landroval
    Leader - Argaros and Polemos
    Status - Active
    Style - Role Play Gaming

Recently opening our first Non Star Wars associated Chapter, we have a small group of players operating in Landroval, the RP based server for the game. Many are having a great time Role Playing in Middle Earth. With LOTRO going Free to Play many feel its a great way to bond with our family while we wait for TOR to release.

For any information or questions about these branches please contact Management

As more players join our community our range of supported games will start growing, keep an eye out for updates!


We passed the four year mark and look back on the past with the good the bad and the crazy, here is a bit of an insight into the Community
Four Year Celebration Thread
So many great times, people and events. Only wish I had all my old screen shots

Star Wars Galaxies Screen Shots
Where it All began

The Old Republic

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