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Darth Vader Force Grip Issue

Okay, this is just something I want to complain about and hopefully get some feedback for. I know that this is simply the way the game is.

How exactly do you defend against Darth Vader's Force Choke attack?

Clearly there is a way to defend against it... as the Rogue Jedi proved by blocking it 100% of the many attempts I made as Vader. NEVER GOT ONE SUCESS.

Now as Starkiller, Vader somehow can make his attack when you are doing a combo move against him and he will automatically win... because you were attacking him instead of fighting off his grip attack. Given that you disrupted his attack, he automatically should have lost like Starkiller always loses when an enemy disrupts a Force combo. WTF?!

Question is: is there a way you can use Force Choke on the Rogue Jedi and win, or negate Vader's cheat as Starkiller?

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