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Originally Posted by obi View Post
I was saying that God has shown Himself to us through the life of Christ. Actually revealing His new covenant (the NT in the Bible). No other religious deity can make the claim that it actually came down here to live among us for the purpose of reconciling ourselves back to it.
Even if we assume that Jesus actually existed (another thread, to be sure), what evidence is there that the anonymous authors of Christian mythology were telling the truth? Indeed, there are enough contradictions in the gospels alone to question their claims. Further, none of the gospels or other NT books were written by authors during the time that Jesus was alleged to have lived.

What we see in Christian mythology is what we see in the religious mythology of other religions ranging from Indian Vedas to the Popul Vu and many oral religious traditions: hero stories and embellishment designed to give the followers of religious cults purpose, history, and order through mythical connection.

Finally, saying that the Christian god exists because it is written in biblical mythology is a circular argument. Since the Bible is alleged by true believers to be the inerrant word of God, this amounts to begging the question and saying God exists because God says he exists.

Biblical mythology is not a good reason to believe in the Christian god.

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