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Baldur sat on the edge of the roof, still awaiting for any form of chaos that was to inflict the city. "I grow wiery of this, Bloodhound..."

Just then, Baldur could hear a large howl that echoed throughout the canyons of the city. It came in the direction where the forest was at the edge of the city. Due to the blood-oath, Baldur could sense Nick was in trouble. He smirked. "Well, well... looks like someone pissed on that dogs territory. That oughta short-out his fuse..."

He stood up. "I better check it out, and make sure those kids escaped the forest. But I cant leave this city without surveilancing it..."

Wel'p, I may not have a choice here...

He clapped his hands together to summon his magik. He thrusted both hands forward through the air, and within moments a spawn of veins and blood errupted from his golved fingertips. They cluttered together in a pile, and slowly formed a human-like figure. Pale skin molded around the figure, and eventually grew a set of clothes: Baldur had created a duplicate of himself. It was slightly less powerful then he is, but should be enough for this type of situation.

"Check the forest area..." He barked at his willing duplicate. "Ensure they escaped and protect them by any means necasary. Also, keep a note on the one named Nick!"

The duplicate nodded. He closed his eyes and turned his body into mist. He disintigrated in the air. Disapeared.

Baldur2 appeared in front of the edge of the forest. He sniffed the air, and could sense four humans nearby. Most likely trying to escape using the police car.

Baldur eventually found them, pulling branches from the car. He walked towards Trace. "I've come to ensure you've escaped, and that you're alright. Where is Nick?"
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