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well i could add the link of this thread to my signature maeby that could gather some peoples eyes?

and i could try to make some kind of '' commercial '' to talk on other webpages and in that way people that arent on this web page or in other cases arent so familiar whit lucasforums but are interested to modificate this game could come here and discuss it at least for the moment.

After that if someone can make the web site you could add a forum there so it would be less messy easier and faster.
So even for that the responses and results will be more affective.

i think this is a good idea tell me your oppinnion and we will discuss more.. it would be a pleasure to help you out hanhar

BtW could you also tell me about the voice acting i asked before and when i will be doing it, as i recall it will atleast for the moment be the last thing to do but it would be nice allready to have somekind of dialogs and so on that i could prepare my self for the time.

becouse in other ways than voice acting and '' commercializing '' i arent really of a help cos my modding skills are an avarage and i think you will whant to make some nice detaled work so i know my weakness

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