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With that said Iain fled the forest into the deep darkness. " I will find you even if that means destroying everything .... Brother". as Nick walked through the forest he wondered where the has taken the girl then nick noticed that he called her girl what have I unleashed her name is Melissa and she is a friend not a girl she is important to me but before he could think of anything else he heard talking then he heard his name. "I've come to ensure you've escaped, and that you are all right. Where is Nick?". "who wants to know not you your just a copy not the real thing now tell me friend or foe." claws extended nick picked up the copy by his throat squeezing his throat. "tell me who do you work for now I am not in a good mood if you can tell oh yeah Trace tell Melissa that she cannot talk me out of this anymore cause I've gone native." Nick had a smile on his face when he said the last four words.

Bow down to the Lord of Destruction May the force serves you well.

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