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The duplicate of Baldur sighed and rolled his eyes. "Sigh... Looks like I came out here for nothing."

He watched as the car drove off and Nick transforming back into his human form. "See ya!"

Baldur clapped his hands together and disintigrated back into mist. The mist had then vanished.


Back on the rooftop, the real Baldur saw his counterpart appearing right behind him. "False alarm..." the Baldur2 spoke. "The humans have escaped. I have assured it."

"I figured as much. At least we wasted no time."

"She intends on heading for the News Station to broadcast her message of peace between Lycan and Vampire."

"I know." The real Baldur muttered. He looked across the cityscape of lights. "Vampires are a very secretive race. Its the reason we have existed all this time. We agreed that if we do not hunt them, they will never expose us. And so we wish to remain... Even I must stick to the oath, even though I am half-vampire."

"So what should we do?" the duplicate asked. Baldur glanced back at him.

"There arent that many vampires left in the world. We've become an endangered species. We do nothing: we swore to never hurt humans since the Van Helsing Operation. Besides, she is no politian. People have no reason to believe her."

Baldur watched the streets below. His duplicate turned into mist, and restored back into his own body.
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