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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis View Post
I'm reading the graphic novel Watchmen, which is very good so far, as well as Ulysses by James Joyce. I might also be reading some of Re Joyce by Anthony Burgess (given to me by a friend) while trying to comprehend the latter...
You're not meant to comprehend it. Simply roll over and drown, your screams muffled by the pages that form a fold on your lip. Joyce falls apart at the seams... rather like this dog.

Modernism is like swimming in a beautiful lake and then touching the sea-bed with the tip of your toe and finding yourself reciting Geoffrey Chaucer in a field, standing atop a hovering cow. Modernists (a.k.a. people who are too clever for their own good) like to push the boundary of what's coherent and acceptable: why post-modernism is simply a failed off-shoot of a great literary movement.

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