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Random insparation? Or what ya feel like this week?

Everyone here in LF is quite unique in their own way. With that said, there's alot of ways people identify other people, and I'm not any exception to how to id someone with their posts, and how they present themselves in said post.

but I mainly like to look at people's Avatar/Sig combinations as a way to ID said person. In ways that's the tell-tale sign of their individuality on the forum.

Now getting with the meat and potatoes of it all.

your avy sig combo's, any of ya got your own method or why or is it just the 'pick of the week'?

Mine: Rorschach
I did it with in a few hours of watching 'The Watchmen'
however sometime before that when i visited , scott randonsaar posted a parody video of the watchmen:

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YouTube Video

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