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A question, if I may. I want to edit existing journal entries, but am at loss how to do this using the TSL Patcher.

From what I understand, the TSL Patcher can't edit existing StrRefs in the dialog.tlk file, which would've been the easiest way of editing the journal entries. So I need to turn to the global.jrl file. I've read that the TSL Patcher treats the global.jrl as a GFF, and can add new entries to the global.jrl. But can it also edit existing entries in the global.jrl file? If so, I could redirect the StrRefs in the global.jrl entries to new entries in the dialog.tlk file, which could then be easily used by the TSL Patcher.

If it isn't possible, can someone point out to me another easy way of editing the global.jrl file?

My apologies is this has been asked before.

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