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Originally Posted by maverick187 View Post
Being this is a nerdy Star Wars forum, I'm sure you all can play the Star Wars theme song in your head without even having to think about it. Well I'm also sure that you all have played some vidya (video games) that has had some awesome music that you simply cannot forget. If you haven't then that can only mean you need to play more, better vidya. So let's post some of our favorite vidya music... I'll kick it off with some Golden Sun Battle Theme.

DUDE, I think I like you. Yes, I totally agree VGM is kick ass and you probably will not find a bigger ally here than myself for agreement with you in this matter. You are totally epic win to bring this up. I just didn't think most people gave enough of a crap to listen to VG music. Go ahead and chat with me any time you want about VG music. You kick ass, Maverick.

I do SO look forward to the continuation of this thread--hope it gets stickified.

Just a question though: was this inspired by some of my choices in the "what are you listening to" thread?

I like just about every megaman track ever made that I have ever heard. Go ahead, pick one from the original or the X series--I'll guess exactly which one it is. I"m *that* nerdy about it.
Example:I'm torn on megaman X3 stage music Gravity Beetle

SNES version:
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YouTube Video
"Rockman X3" PlayStation version (arranged):
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YouTube Video

@ Darth Moeller: You are not the only one: The CV series is known for its LOOOOONG history of memorable VG tracks. Look up "Bloody Tears", you'll find CV2 for the NES and the X68000 systems were the originals. That track still kicks to this day. Just a few of the many CV tracks I love:
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@ Thread

Go to the music section of and download some great stuff. I love this site. It was originally founded on making TOTALLY EPIC WIN AWESOME megaman VG tracks available. However, ironically, Capcom shut that part of it down. But there is still a ton of tracks.

Also, you can go to and rip soundtracks/videos from youtube in various formats. Not sure if vixy works anywhere else, though.

If I remember correctly, has a bunch, but I ain't been there in awhile.

@ Tommycat: yeah, I know what you mean. Stuck, but if it's good, why would you want it to leave?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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