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I think party members get shoe horned in quite early on in the Kotor's, I'd like to see/feel a bit more isolation to be honest.

Also I want a more linear story, not a big fan of "your choices will affect the galaxy" because if you accidentally click a button or your cat treads on the mouse or keyboard then thats it, you might have told Atton to get ******** and **** with *** etc. losing influence or closing doors to other more interesting roads.

I also don't like "two years later", what's the point? I want to know what happened where we left off, particularly at the end of number 2.

We've visited several places in Kotor, and new places in Kotor 2 with some old ones chucked in for fans - now it's time for the unknown, chuck the player in the deep end of the swimming pool with the fast and trained swimmers, not with the little kids wearing armbands with the fat lady teaching them the breast stroke.

I've got a little title crawl and event list for a third game that I wrote when I started my screenwriting course, it's how I'd do it or like to see it done. It's apparent that Kotor 3 won't happen untill bioware and Lucasarts bring in the bucks from their MMO.
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